【The latter part】IMAGICA Group New Group Structure for Present & Future Challenges.

The advantages of the group in facing the expanding market and ever-changing video production industry.

――What are your thoughts on potentials in foreign markets?

In the market of archives, currently, we do not get many orders from overseas. Potential clients have already built relationships with others stationed overseas, and things are tough, pricewise. I realized something recently when I visited South Korea for sales and marketing and received an order. In foreign countries, people sometimes become interested in services we are not trying to sell. So we will try to do marketing by figuring out what they are really looking for and finding a balance between what they want and what we want to sell.

As for the movie production market, we have Imagica South East Asia (hereinafter called ISEA) in Malaysia. Not only we can offer visual post-production services to the movies, but we can do dubbing service, too. As it is located inside Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studio, we can also work on the production while filming stage. As sales representatives, we’ll propose proactively to have movies filmed and completed with ISEA when there are filming opportunities in Southeast Asia. Increasing number of Japanese movies are being filmed in the area. We think we’ll be able to expand our scope of work by localizing projects, linking them to local projects, etc. Our first step is to let clients know that “IMAGICA has a branch overseas,” have them take a look, and hopefully get them interested in what we do.

As many of our clients in the video distribution business are foreign affiliated companies, it’s their first time to see the Japanese production environment in most cases. Therefore, with the help of IMAGICA’s production department, we teach them everything from how we make movies to average time we spend on post-production. Production of original contents by distributors is on the increase, and this should bring business opportunities to IMAGICA. I feel we are forming new businesses in a way by collaborating with Movie and TV Program Production Divisions.

The world of sports is livening up toward Tokyo 2020, so we hope to be a part of it and create new opportunities. Since environments to enjoy live streams in various forms are being created, we’ll collaborate with everyone furthermore and proceed with our plans.

――Could you tell us how you communicate with one another within IMAGICA group?

The new voice over recording room located within IMAGICA, which Mr. Hamasaki and his team use to record narration, is actually very close to IMAGICA Imageworks Inc. There was the place very close about several dozen foot steps away,50 meters.
But Mr. Hamasaki and his team didn’t know about it at first. They were looking all over the place in Tokyo to find a recording studio when we were just steps away. I have a feeling that there are more of these kinds of things. I’d like to take this opportunity to share information more within the group.

We did find the answer very close by.

We should share information more within the group. It may be a good idea to set up an online message board for IMAGICA group.
Then we’ll be able to communicate more, and perhaps we can make better suggestions to clients.
We’re all on good terms at IMAGICA LIVE Corp. We have lunch together and go out to drink after work when we’re out in the field. We often go beyond the framework of the company for some work. I think each of IMAGICA group companies has already established good communication respectively. If we expand the scopes of work, we may be able to create a yet better communication among one another.

Our managers actually have a good relationship with their juniors at IMAGICA, too. We can speak fairly casually to each other regardless of ranks, too.

We go out to drink withpeople from the same department relatively often. Even when we’re drinking, we mostly talk about work. Of course, we complain every now and then, but we often talk about things we want to try and things we want to do. And I think the whole group likes to engage in events. We like the term “team” and value it. I think it’s something the whole group has in common.

I realized once again that we should take opportunity like this meeting and go beyond the frameworks of companies or departments as a “team,” and make use of our strength.

We should create attractive IMAGICA, in order to overcome our weaknesses by seeking help or advice from other companies. We must maintain the trust the company gained over the years and build new trust. The important thing is to keep changing.

With the advancement of IoT and AI, there has been talk about “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In such an environment, the video production industry that surrounds us is definitely changing. More and more people watch Internet TV rather than digital terrestrial broadcasting, go to live music concerts and sporting events, and watch their live broadcasting.
In the midst of such changes, IMAGICA reorganized its group this April, after more than 80 years in business.
Young talents from IMAGICA and its group companies have shared their passionate visions. They are enthusiastic about taking advantage of each other’s strengths and challenging the video production business that will continue to change even more in the future. We look forward to seeing how they are going to collaborate with one another.

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