Message from the President



IMAGICA will continue to utilize the most advanced and high-quality video imaging technology,maintain the customer’s trust in our employees,
and contribute to the development of the visual culture.

In 1935, IMAGICA was established in Uzumasa Kyoto as a film laboratory aimed for movie film developing. We developed the films for the Tokyo courthouse records and the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and have grown with the film industry. We quickly converted from film to video production at its early stages, and as a result, we have become the largest post production company in Japan, providing an array of visual production services.

Of course, IMAGICA has maintained the main business operations in post production but has also placed a considerable amount of effort in services that meet the demands of a visual production. These services include archiving which involves repairs and conversion of historic visual resources for the next generation, streamlining the workflow for an ever-changing production environment such as high-res visual production, and network services for data archiving.

We partnered with SDI Media, the biggest localization group company in the world so that Japanese content can reach markets abroad and support our persistent efforts to expand globally.

Currently, the environment that surrounds us is changing quickly. Internet of Thing(IoT); AI technology and the “fourth industrial revolution” that its progress will bring is slowly but surely becoming a reality. We believe that this revolution will inevitably have a great impact on the visual production industry. Our foundation is comprised of all the technological assets in HQ visual production and talent that we have accumulated over the years. We strive to acquire the latest innovations in the visual production technology and advanced ICT so that we may turn your “ideas” into something tangible.

Even if an AI were to become a reality, our creativity in coming up with new and original ideas and sincerity that we show our customers cannot be replaced. We will continue to contribute to the development of the visual culture.

President and CEO
Katsumi Obayashi


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