– Common family stories by the greatest filmmaker of Japanese cinema-
“Ozu 4K :The Seven Family that the greatest filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu Watched” (Film Distribution: Shochiku /KADOKAWA) will be shown at once.
IMAGICA was in charge of 4K restoring of six works out of the total of seven works.

IMAGICA Corporation(CEO: Katsumi Obayashi, Located in Shinagawa,Tokyo)was in charge of 4K restoring of six works (all but the Late Spring) out of the total of seven works (Late Spring, Early Summer, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, Tokyo Story, Early Spring,Tokyo Twilight, and Floating Weeds), which will be shown on Saturday, June 16th at Shinjuku Piccadilly and on Saturday, June 23rd at KADOKAWA Cinema Shinjuku, followed by other locations around Japan.

Yasujiro Ozu is one of the greatest Japanese filmmaker of Japanese cinema, ranked with Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi , he has continued to receive public support in the world.
This year the 115th anniversary of his birth, the world premiere 4K restoring of Tokyo Story was held at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie was fascinating the fans around the world.

In this time which was produced in order to mark a milestone, presents seven masterpieces depicting various relationships between “family” , father and daughter, big family, husband and wife, parent and child, a couple and a husband’s lover, father and daughter and a mother and daughter, and traveling entertainers without kinship—all in 4K. IMAGICA was in charge of 4K restoring of six works out of the total of seven works that will be shown.

IMAGICA would like to help preserve masterpieces of the greatest film makers in Japan using our restoration techniques which involve analog techniques we cultivated over a long time and the latest digital techniques.


『Tokyo Story』Ⓒ1953 SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.


『Floating Weeds』ⒸKADOKAWA 1959

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