Post Production


Our post-production services bring forth the best materials to the next process for distribution.

Creative specialists from each genre of post-production come together and brush up the contents while paying attention to the original artistic direction.
They aggresively assilmilate new technologies like 4K and 8K and meet the demand of creators

Color Grading

Our knowledge and experience gained color expression through film timing are applied to color grading to achieve a provoking and unique worldview.

Color Management

The colors come out differently based on the shooting equipment and monitors. Color management staff ajdust these color differences using calculated values derived from color science.
Color management is supported with innovative solutions, for example, 3D-LUT, which notifies when colors are out of Rec. 709 color space.


CG/VFX is indispensable to video production.
CG creators, producers and supervisors contribute their vast experience to create CG/VFX that visualize customer’s intantions.

Editing(includes multi-offline/multi-finishing)

Professional teams consist of editors, compositors, and mixers with creativity make full use of state-of-the-art equipment to keep high and consistent quality.

Audio Mixing

Audio mixing makes movie content more effective and emotional. The realistic sounds that leave a strong impression on audiences are highly reputed.


We provide subtitling services for not only feature films and distributed videos but also TV commercials with closed captionins. Our specialized technicians know how font size, font positioning works in a movie and how display timing creates visible and understandable subtitles.

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