Archive / Storage (Physical media / Distribution)

At IMAGICA, we provide services from managing various data to distribution; while physically storing the valuable image contents.
We also provide long term archiving service utilizing LTO and performing regular condition checks, along with media migration.

Storage of physical media

We provide storage at facilities such as Kyoshin warehouse, Warehouse TERRADA and Tri-net Logistics.
*Please contact us for details as additional cost may occur.

Deep archiving solutions (LTO, Cloud, Film recording, etc.)

We propose solutions based on budget and long-term archival needs. From physical storage / management to security, system management, regular digital data check ups and deep archiving solutions for your precious audiovisual media such as film and tapes.

An example of Deep archiving solution

*Best option for Deep Archiving: d:ternity

dternityWe will transfer your raw data, such as important image documents or raw footage, from HDD, NAS, or old LTO tapes into the latest LTO tapes and store them for the long term. This is a deep archive solution for storing digital data that comes fully prepared with disaster control, routine media checks and migration.

Film preservation

We also provide the following services about storage of film.

  • Nitrate film storage
  • Environment measurement for film storage
  • Acid gas adsorbent
  • Coating BW film to protect silver
  • Binary fluid water cleaning
  • Acid gas removal

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