Support (Film Inspection)

We will inspect the severity of the film’s deterioration and report to you with suggestions on the media’s storage solution and its application for future use.

Inspecting the deterioration of the film

  • Diagnosis of the film using AD Strips
  • Rewinding service to temporarily halt the degrading and accurately inspecting the film’s condition

What is film decay?

Deformed film

An example of Vinegar Syndrome

The deterioration of a film varies depending on its base and storage environment.
On an acetate base film, widely used since the late 50’s, the film will deform and peel, giving a sour, vinegar-like smell.

This is called “Vinegar Syndrome” and it is known to drastically accelerate the deterioration after reaching a certain stage.
Film with “Vinegar Syndrome” will have a scent to them.

Rewind and Inspection service

By rewinding the film, we temporarily release the gas trapped inside. We will also report to you on its condition.

We also provide suggestions on storage material and simple test using AD strips.

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