Transcoding your media based on your content’s future storage and distribution plans; whether it be film, tapes, or audio media.


1.Transcoding from film

Mastering to high quality HD, 2K, 4K based on our transcoding experience of over 80 years.
Providing future ready transcoding and archiving in 4K, duplication and matching the required formats for screening, distribution and broadcast packaging.
Providing to your need in creating contents for distribution, broadcast or archiving deteriorated film.


Transcoding films into your choice of video format.

Cine Vivo® (Wet scan)


Cive Vivo® ©IMAGICA Lab.

Providing low-risk, low-cost and high-quality transcode to HD using our in-house Telecine machine turned from an optical printer.

IMAGICA Lab. Quality

  • Recording by wet gate processing to reduce damage to the negative films
  • Stable picture utilizing registration pins
  • Film gates easy on the negative films
  • Reproducing color used in the original time of production using FCC.

Scanity (High speed scan)



4K data transcode made possible by using Scanity, a real-time film scanner developed by DFT

IMAGICA Lab. Quality

4K scanning made possible in real-time, accomplished low-cost scanning, easy on the negative films by not using the registration pins.

Service and performance only IMAGICA Lab. can provide

Tetele was developed in-house to solve problems like, “I don’t know the contents of this film,” or “Not enough budget…” Tetele makes it possible to capture stills or movie while inspecting the film.
We can make a visit with our mobile system that can easily check the contents of your film.

2.Transcoding from tapes

Transcoding from tapes with expired maintenance period on its decks such as 1-inch or D2 media.

3.Transcoding from audio media

Transcoding from tapes with expired maintenance period on its decks such as SEPMAG and DA88.

Migration robot

Migration robot

Auto digitization from tapes using in-house developed robots.

We can customise the robot’s processing speed, clip divisions and proxy creation; answering your needs in meeting short turn-around, corresponding to various old media formats while accomplishing low-price.

Playing old media itself may become very difficult in the future with many industry standard decks being discontinued. We have been consulting with content holders on their media’s future usage and long term archiving. Please feel free to contact us.

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